DevLog 1 - Controller-based Locomotion

The controller-based locomotion system I’ve implemented for OBSCURON has evolved from my old “System Sum” prototype, although I’ve learned quite a bit since last April. For starters it’s ground-based movement now and is fully physics-based too. It handles a variety of terrain and collision.

It’s relatively simple to use: Select the locomotion tool via the pie menu, point the controller and pull the trigger. You will move at a walking pace in the direction you point. It’s fairly low in chance to cause motion-sickness, which games like Onward have already proven: The trick is your intent by pointing the direction with your hands. It’s significantly more comfortable than head-tracked based movement. Once again motion-controllers are a good solution.

Despite the ease-of-use, it was surprisingly complex to develop this system. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, plus learning a few tricks over time. I’ll be advancing it further into a full parkour-like system, one element of which you can see in this video when I demonstrate sliding on steep surfaces.

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