DevLog 2 - Marker-thrown Teleportation

This week I’m showing off my teleportation system, which is meant to complement the controller-based locomotion system I demonstrated last week.

I want to make sure Teleporting feels like a natural part of the game-world and to do that I’ve made the teleporter marker itself a physical object. You toss the teleporter-ball around and warp to it. In some ways it’s quite similar to other teleporter systems, but it does intentionally remove some of the player’s accuracy at where they land. It also takes time to throw and retrieve / cancel, which allows for some inherent cooldowns without an intrusive cooldown-meter or somesuch.

Players should be able to get around entirely with the teleporter, just as the could with the other locomotion, but I think the two systems are best when paired. Precise movement by pointing the controller and pulling the trigger, combined with longer-distance teleporters by tossing the ball from the other hand. Of course, one or the other would have to be put away to use any other objects, but that too is an intentional trade-off meant to encourage room-scale play.

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